Pastry Recipe

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No matter if you prefer one big tart, several small tartlets or easy-to consume turnovers, puff pastry is your speedy and pleasing solution.

While all three of these contain fruit, the filling and topping options are unlimited! – Apple puff pastry turnovers – Makes 8 – Ingredients: 2-1\/4 cups thinly sliced, peeled tart apples – 1 tablespoon lemon juice – 1-1\/4 cups water – 1\/2 cup + 1 tablespoon granulated sugar – 2 tablespoons cornstarch – 1\/2 tablespoon ground cinnamon – 1\/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg – 1\/4 teaspoon salt – 1 tablespoon butter – 1 frozen puff pastry sheet, thawed – 1 large egg, lightly beaten, for egg wash – Cinnamon sugar, for dusting – Directions: First, create the filling: In a big bowl, toss apples with lemon juice and then set aside.

Pour water into a pot over moderate heat. Blend sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt. Add to water, stir well and then bring to a boil. Boil for a few minutes, stirring constantly. Add butter and apples and return to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and then simmer until apples are tender, about 6 to 8 minutes. Cool for half a hour, and after that roughly chop the apples to small pieces. Now, to build your turnovers, flour your workspace and roll your thawed puff pastry to a long rectangle and create 8 squares. Apply an egg wash to your top and right side of every square.

Plop about 2 tbsps of filling onto each square. Fold the lower left corner up to meet your top right corner, forming a triangle. Press the seams to seal them. Make a slit in each turnover so steam can escape. Arrange on a baking sheet, egg wash your tops and scatter a few cinnamon sugar. Repeat these activities with the second sheet of pastry. Bake for 10-fifteen minutes at 350 degrees F or until nicely browned. Cool on a wire rack and then top with a powdered sugar glaze in the event that so inclined. Pear puff pastry tart – Serves 6 – Ingredients: 1 frozen puff pastry sheet, thawed – 2-1\/4 cups thinly sliced pears, peeled if desired – 1\/4 cup brown sugar, well packaged – 1\/4 cup granulated sugar – 1\/2 teaspoon cinnamon – Directions: Combine brown and granulated sugars and cinnamon and set aside.

Roll the thawed puff pastry to a long rectangle. Line a baking sheet with baking paper or a silicone baking mat and then place the pastry on it. Utilize a kitchen knife to trace a smaller rectangle on your puff pastry, leaving a 1 inches border. Be cautious not to cut all throughout the dough. The 1 inches border will puff up and then be the edge of the sour. Utilize a fork to dock, or poke small holes in, your centre rectangle. Shingle your slices of pear over your top of your puff pastry.

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