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Starting on New Year’s Day, Jill Rostine would like you to create fresh food memories in Good Food Co., her new out of scratch bakery and dessert bar located in downtown Columbia, Missouri. And she would like these memories to be yummy enough to rival those with the maximum schmaltz. Im really driven by all the nostalgia of baking, and the way people are linked with memories through food, she says. Like an orange roster with the cream cheese frosting everyone recalls making these with the biscuits in the soda can. That’s a different memory doesn’t receive degree of attention I think it must get, she says.

Many restaurants don’t use a pastry chef, and these desserts only get added into the prep list including all the other stuff. She resources many of her components From the Columbia Farmers Market, in which she offered her baked goods during the previous season, and if shes not purchasing from local farmers, then shes finding a much more trusted fount. The pecans come from my familys farm, she says. They’ve pecan trees growing wild in which I grew up, so I source the pecans there since I believe they’re the best ones. She found her baking fashion near home, also in her grandmothers kitchen.

It had been an one woman kitchen, and which was all the way she liked it, Rostine states. Thats all the way I like it too. The whole bakery is based on all the workload that I can manage, its all based on me working within this tight space. You know, some people have crazy tastes, some people enjoy variety, and also some people only want the nostalgia thing that they are used to plus they would like to have a really good one,. She states. I want into do that classic thing all the top way that I can. A combination of excellence and also nostalgia the Great Food Co. Mantra Will stay steadfast with Rostine in the helm.

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